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Jürg Stäubli was born in Zürich on November 13, 1957.
He’s originally from Regensdorf (Zürich) and a Swiss citizen.
He’s married and has five children born between 1982 and 1997.


  • As a child, Jürg Stäubli spent four years in primary school and five years in secondary school in Zollikofenspan>
  • After three years of higher studies in Bienne, he received the Swiss CFC in Business and Administration.
  • He then studied three more years in Bern, where he received he diploma in BKS economics
  • He also earned a diploma in marketing (Zürich) and became an expert real-estate agent for the Swiss Canton of Bern


1980 – 1983 :

While obtaining his real estate license in Bern in 1980, another expert (Dr. T. Stiffler) hired Mr. Stäubli as quality sales manager for Stifag, a leading company in real estate management and development in Bern. In this position, he organized Stifag sales in Spain and opened another company office in Geneva, which he became director of in 1981.In 1983, Mr. Stäubli was named to the parent company’s board of directors in Bern.

JS Holding 1984 – 1997 :

En 1984,In 1984, Jürg Stäubli created his own company: JS Holding SA. Its headquarters was located in Geneva, and he started up his business with CHF 100,000 of capital stock.While building his company, he also continued with side activities that would contribute to the regular increase of capital stock for JS Holding SA.
In 1989, this capital stock—entirely paid-up—was worth CHF 50,000,000. The company placed 262th in the “Top 500” Swiss businesses in 1991. From the beginning, JS Holding SA often handled transactions, development and construction, as well and buying and selling, of real estate.
In 1986, Jürg Stäubli diversified his activities within this company by creating companies in other sectors and by buying out businesses having managerial or succession problems.JS Holding SA’s four major businesses were :
  • Food packaging
  • Recreation and sports gear
  • Construction
  • Industry
Mr. Stäubli created four subholding companies within each business sector. One of these was located in North America. During this time, Mr. Stäubli created, or effectively saved, more than 1,000 jobs.
In 1989, he sold a minority of the company stock to the Banque Cantonale de Genève. A majority of the capital for this bank is held by the public authorities.
In 1990, Let Holding SA—a recreational activities subholding company—went public on the local Lausanne stock exchange, followed by the Geneva stock exchange, with the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise as the leader of the banking syndicate. The bank shareholders of Let Holding SA were: the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, the Banque Cantonale de Genève, the Crédit Commercial de France, Landolt, Lonfat & Cie. in Lausanne, and Darier Hentsch & Cie in Genève. The same year, Jürg Stäubli proceeded with increasing the capital stock of Peralco Construction SA, a subholding company in the construction sector, allowing for the influx of newer minority shareholders such as the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, the Banque Cantonale de Genève and Landolt Lonfat & Cie.
In August 1991—only two years after its creation—JS Finance Canada, Inc. went public on the Montreal Stock Market under the context of a capital increase. The leading bank was Lévesque Beaubien & Geoffrian, Inc., a property broker and subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada. There was a 50% oversubscription for orders, and approximately 400 new shareholders purchased stock.Nevertheless, JS Holding SA maintained majority interest. Investments in Canada began in 1989 after several meetings between Jürg Stäubli and the Premier of Quebec, Mr. Jean-Robert Bourassa, who encouraged Mr. Stäubli to expand in this direction.
The Canadian division covered the following four sectors :
  • Sales of sports equipment through André Lalonde Sport, Inc.’s 25 stores
  • Major Wire Industries Limited, a company specializing in industrial screen media
  • Hector Jolicoeur, Inc., a uniform cleaning service
  • The World Trade Centre Montréal, in cooperation with the Quebec authorities The Canadian activity produced approximately 600 jobs. As the majority shareholder of the group, Jürg Stäubli managed the company


CF&C Finance Suisse SA – 1997 à ce jour :

At the beginning of 1997, Mr. Stäubli left his position at JS Holding SA. During the same summer, JS Holding SA sold most of its companies. Mr. Stäubli was nominated to the board of directors of CF&C Finance Suisse SA in September 1997 as managing director and then as president. While pursuing his new line of business, he sold his remaining shares in JS Holding SA, which was subsequently dissolved. He remains president of CF&C Finance Suisse SA, which is focused in the following areas :
  • Financial restructuring
  • Buying, mergers and sales of businesses
  • Management Buy Outs
  • Buying and sales of minority interests
  • Financial engineering and private investments
  • Sales and representation networks
  • Special mandates for governments, such as renegotiating foreign debt


Jürg Stäubli was the only child of his parents, who were shopkeepers. He is married with five daughters: Nathalie, Simone, Alessia, Céline and Sarah.
Other than German, his mother tongue, Mr. Stäubli is fluent in French and English, and proficient in Spanish.
As a young boy, he loved to play soccer in Zollikofen
In Bern, he was a player in the Young Boys “Major League” team.
He also received his Junior Coach certificate and coached a junior team in Bern.
He ended his soccer career after playing for FC Gland’s Second League Group for three seasons.
Afterwards, he became president of thePalace-Club de Berne(Young Boys sponsors organization).
For three seasons starting in 1987 he was the president of the Genève-Servette Hockey Club.
From 1989 to 1996, he was the owner of the Canadian hockey club Les Harfangs.
He also was the vice-president of the FC Grenchen and the UGS in Geneva, two Swiss National League soccer teams.
Mr. Stäubli lived in the Bern region until 1981, when he moved to the Geneva region. From 1986 to 1992, he resided in Monaco. He came back to Switzerland in 1992 and set up home in Granges-Paccot, in the Canton of Fribourg. He has lived in Prangins since 1994.
Like all male Swiss citizens, he underwent recruiting training and compulsory service in the military. When he was living abroad, he obtained military leave. As soon as he returned to Switzerland, he reestablished his service in the Swiss Army.His military obligations ended in 1996.
Along with his professional activities, Mr. Stäubli has held several important positions within cultural organizations or foundations such as :
  • Comité pour le centre Européen de la culture
  • Swisstransplant, the national foundation for organ donation (treasurer)
  • Member of the Red Cross board of governors, Quebec
  • Governor of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
  • La Muse Foundation
  • Fondation Harfang-Etudes
He has been a member of several honorary committees and an international junior-division soccer match is named after him
He does not belong to any political party or movement.
Jürg Stäubli has participated as a speaker in many events and debates, especially in the field of economics. For example: at a graduation ceremony for the University of Geneva; at the Institut Suisse des placements de capitaux; during a debate on “Ethics and wealth" at the Ecole Supérieure de commerce de Genève; and at the University of Lausanne regarding “Slovenia: The Conditions of Economic Success”.
In 1979, he wrote his thesis on “Personnel Management Policy” and received a degree in Economics. He’s also given several talks internationally.
In June 1997, he received the British title of “Lord of Scalthwaiterigg”.
On December 27, 1999, Mr. Stäubli was nominated as “Special Commissioner” at the “World Development Organization” for specific, limited diplomatic missions.
In February 2000, he was named part-time lecturer at Moscow State University and taught for three years.
In April 2000, Mr. Stäubli received the National Order of Merit for Togo and was made an honorary officer in the Togolese army.
In October 2004, he was named a Knight of Malta, and in January 2005, he received a silver medal for his charitable work with the order.
On October 5, 2004, Mr. Stäubli received a Doctorate in Economics from the Cosmopolitan University in Missouri, USA.
In 2010 he was given an honorary degree by the Bishkek Humanities University. He was also nominated personal advisor to the Minister of Justice in Kyrgyzstan and personal advisor to the president of Kyrgyz State University of Arabaev in 2011 (the latter mandate terminating in 2019).
On January 18, 2012 the Republic of Liberia named Mr. Stäubli ambassador-at-large. The Minister for Foreign Affairs sent an authorization letter to Ms. Catherine Asthon at the EU on January 27, 2012.
On June 27, 2012 Mr. Stäubli was nominated as a member of the Banking and Finance Institute Monitoring Committee at Kyrgyz State University of Arabaev for three years. On June 29, 2012, he was decorated with the first degree medal for the ordre du faucon académique.
In 2013, he was elected Vice President of the Cercle Diplomatique de Genève and in April of the same year, he was named a knight and rose to the level of commander of the Order of Saint Gabriel. In 2014, he was named treasurer for the Order.
He has also been a member of the Fédération Européenne Diplomatique et Consulaire (FEDC). In December 2013, Mr. Stäubli was named honorary professor at the Académie d’administration publique by the president of the Kyrgyz Republic.
On april 20, 2015 Jürg Stäubli was appointed by an Order, Special Adviser to the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Madagascar.
On 29th September 2015 Jürg Stäubli was awarded the gold medal from State University of Arabaev in Bishtek for his academic achievements and quality as Advisor to the Rector of the University. Only two people have been awarded this medal before, former Prime Minister and President of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, Mrs Roza Otounbaieva.
Few years ago, he financed the construction and operation of a school in Lomé, Togo. Approximately 300 children, many the most under-privileged in the country, receive their education there. For many years now, he has financially participated in helping an orphanage in Bishkek, as well as supporting several foundations for children and medical research. The Action Innocence Foundation is the one closest to his heart. He is also a decision-maker for the Petram Foundation, which supports many projects, especially regarding health care in Africa
The top economics magazine in Switzerland, Bilan, place Mr. Stäubli among the 300 most-influential people in the country in its June 2011 edition.In his spare time, Mr. Stäubli enjoys recreational activities, sports, reading and spending time with his children. He loves animals and also owns an important collection of paintings and sculptures.