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Jürg Stäubli, Influential businessman Following a career in real estate and finance, Jürg Stäubli is one of Switzerland’s most renowned business investors. With passion and dedication, he invests in industries that have real meaning for him, from real estate and finance to start-ups and fine art.

A true icon of the business world and financial investment in Switzerland, Stäubli is one of the 300 most influential people in the country, according to Swiss magazine Bilan. Since the 1980s he has consistently invested not only in the property sector—his specialist field—but also in finance, media, wine and healthcare, to name but a few. His varied career reflects his versatility. In 1997 he sold the business he founded—JS Holding, which specialized in real estate operations—to join CF&C Finance Suisse as chief executive of the Board of Directors, before later becoming president. Renowned as a one of Switzerland’s most influential

figures, Stäubli has received many awards and nominations throughout his career. He was notably named Knight of the Order of Saint Gabriel in 2013, before rising to the rank of Commander and then Constable in 2014. He was also awarded the gold medal from the Arabayev State University of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 2015 for his work as advisor to the university dean. Keen to give meaning to his investments, Jürg Stäubli is also an active philanthropist and has for many years leant his support to a wide range of charity and social endeavours, faithfully championing the importance of culture, education and healthcare.

These actions include joint funding of the “Ampere” school in Lomé, Togo, which provides some 300 of the country’s most deprived children with access to education. He also sponsors an orphanage in Bishkek and several foundations dedicated to providing healthcare and education, including the NGO Action Innocence and the Petram Foundation, responsible for a large number of health-related projects in Africa. Stäubli is what one might call a “conscientious investor”, committed to projects that truly make a difference.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing le Président qui a fait avancer d'une manière importante la cause des femmes en France, notamment par la nomination de Monique Pelletier en tant que Ministre déléguée pour la condition féminine.
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Jürg Stäubli is co-founder of the Petram Foundation, whose head office is in Fribourg.

The foundation was created in December 2012 for charitable purposes, primarily to make donations, award grants and offer other contributions to improve the lives of individuals and communities and help people in need—children and the elderly especially—across the globe. The foundation was also created to support activities, projects and programmes in the fields of education, health, art and culture, and the environment, using these as drivers to improve living standards.


Swiss investor and businessman

Following a career in real estate and then finance, Jürg Stäubi is now a major Swiss investor. He invests not only in his primary fields of real estate and finance but also in start-ups and artwork...